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Dear Cornerstone Friends & Family,

Occasionally, I hear the question, “Why does Cornerstone put so much emphasis on giving?”  This is a legitimate question that deserves a well-reasoned response.  Here are a few reasons Cornerstone must seek resources outside of tuition and fees.

Not Just Donors, but Investors

1.  Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of a Cornerstone education.  In fact, tuition and fees account for only 85% of the operating costs of the school.  The remainder must come from voluntary gift support. 

2.  Voluntary gift support is a much more efficient way to raise money than fundraising schemes.  In 1997, the Board of Trustees adopted a non-fundraising policy which restricts the nature of fundraising activities that many other schools and organizations use.  Instead, the responsibility to raise the necessary funds was placed on the Annual Fund.  CCA will not sell products in order to generate fundraising dollars.  Instead, through gift donations, 100% of the gift goes to the school.  Furthermore, all gifts are tax-deductible, unlike purchases of products.

3.  Monies raised from the Annual Fund enhance and enrich the educational experience of our students.  Adequate funding is essential to fulfilling the school’s mission and its potential for excellence.  Annual Fund dollars allow the school to fund athletic programs, cheerleading, band, and other special programs.

4.  The Annual Fund provides an opportunity for those who support Cornerstone to help advance the mission and vision of the school.  Cornerstone donors are really investors. Giving to the Annual Fund is an investment in the future of Cornerstone and a statement that you believe in its mission, vision and place in our community.

5.  Cornerstone relies on the gifts of individual donors.  Private school support is fundamentally different than public school funding.  C.C.A. depends on God to move in the hearts of our donors to provide the finances that public schools receive through tax dollars.

I hope that this helps you better understand why conducting an Annual Fund campaign is essential to the mission of Cornerstone.  I hope that you will consider making Cornerstone a priority in your giving plans so that we can continue to provide the best education possible to the students God has entrusted to us.

April Kinzinger, Director of Development












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