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Cornerstone Christian Academy is committed to providing a solid liberal arts, college preparatory education presented in the context of a biblical worldview.   In order to accomplish this objective, all students take classes in six core subjects.  These include: Bible, history, English, science, math, and foreign language.  Additional classes in art, music, physical education, and technology are provided for students at all levels.  The sequence of these enrichment courses is determined for students in grades K-8.  High school students may select their own elective courses to supplement the core.  Dual-credit courses and on-line courses are also available.  Curricular materials are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that we use the most effective tools for fulfilling the Academy’s mission.

Our Distinctives
A 4-minute overview from former Head of School Becky Shamess.
Early Education Program
An overview of the Early Ed Program from Kim Brucker, former Early Education Principal.


Early Education

Early Ed is a special beginning for your child’s education at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  Individual care and attention given to your child sets Cornerstone apart from other early learner programs.  Young children are taught foundational truths within a secure and nurturing community while fostering spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Scripture is the basis for teaching, training, and instilling a love for God and learning. Thus, Early Education begins the journey for young children to discover who God is and who He has created them to be in Christ. 

Developmental Kindergarten is designed for students who might benefit from an additional year of early learning or who miss the cut-off age for kindergarten. This class is open to students who turn five by October 31. Instruction is rooted in experiential learning with multi-sensory and play-based lessons, all taught through a biblical worldview. Students will grow in literacy, math, science, handwriting, and problem-solving skills, as well as social, emotional, and spiritual development which will prepare them for kindergarten the following year.

What to Expect:

Lower School

Cornerstone's Lower School. comprised of kindergarten through fifth grade, is a nurturing place where students daily encounter people who love Jesus Christ.  During these foundational years, children acquire basic skills of learning and build a knowledge base from which to think critically. Our Lower School curriculum stresses mastery in reading, writing, comprehension, mathematics, problem solving, study skills, and critical thinking.  Experiential instruction has been designed to help younger students begin to formulate a biblical worldview, as they connect Scripture to their learning and make real-life application.  Additionally, Art, Music, Spanish, P.E., and Computer Lab are a part of each grade's curriculum.  Click on the link below to find out what's in store for each grade! 

What to Expect:

Junior High

For many students, the junior high years are marked by a time of developing independence and social relationships.  Students are discovering their own strengths, talents, and interests.  At Cornerstone, junior high is a place where the process of entering adolescence is carefully nurtured.  While grade six is a transition year, students in grades seven and eight change from class to class for each subject.  A full range of extracurricular activities - sports, fine arts, Student Council, musicals, and more are available.


High School

Cornerstone's high school is a place where students will encounter academic achievement, personal growth, athletic and fine arts accomplishments, and the pursuit of individual interests.  Our low teacher-to-student ratio fosters relationships that enhance the development of intellectual skills and Christian character.  The Upper School Chapel program, Bible curriculum, and Spiritual Formation groups help students grow in an understanding of God's Word and His truth, which will provide guidance for the rest of their lives.


High School Profile Sheet

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